Walk Up Jardine House is organized by the Jardine Ambassadors, young executives from across
Group companies who spearhead the community projects. Since 1982. In 2017 App Express was
pleasure can been the part of the event, we provide app service for the participant they can login
to the system for check in and view their result in the application.


Walk Up Jardine is a notable annual fund raising event organized by MINDSETand Jardine Matheson Group since 1985. This event has objectives that promote mental health in community and raise awareness of mental illness. Hundreds of runner and corporate are attracted to participate the event each year.


To allow access of event details and provide registration online, Webterpiece built a maintainable and stable website for Walk Up Jardine House 2017. It facilitates event organizer work by efficient regular content updates, explore potential sponsorship opportunity and organize participant information. Also, Webterpiece used responsive design techniques on website development. Therefore, the website can accommodate different resolution of devices to present content and layout in the most perfect way. A comprehensive user experience is delivered on all devices.


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